Quickstart Guide

So you’ve just signed up for the YMCA Father-Child (formerly Indian Guides/ Indian Princesses) and you want to know exactly what you need to get started.


  1. Choose a Tribe - If you know someone already in the program and think that tribe is a good match for you and your child, then you may request that tribe.  You will need to find out the name of the tribe from your friend. Assignment to a specific tribe cannot be guaranteed, but we do make every effort to make it happen if you request it.  If you do not have a specific tribe in mind, you will be assigned to a tribe and that tribe’s chief will contact you in a few days to greet you.Vest

  2. Vests - The patches earned are to be glued or sewn onto a vest.  Most patches in this program will be given in pairs (one for the parent and one for the child). Vests should be worn at tribe meetings and as appropriate at nation events. We will indicate wearing vests or program T-shirt on the flyer or email for each event. The vests are an excellent way to advertise our program, so please wear them.

  3. Headband - The headband included in your Indian Kit may be worn by your child and will display earned feathers. For more information regarding earning feathers, see the section of this manual titled “INDIVIDUAL AWARDS”.  The headbands may be worn at all tribe meetings and nation events.

  4. Induction – each year in October, we hold an induction ceremony.  This is where we formally welcome new members to the Nation for the first time.  All of the tribes of all of the nation attend the induction ceremony.  The induction ceremony is usually conducted at the Hayride/Pumpkin Patch.

  5. Make sure you have basic camping equipment such as a tent, sleeping bags, ice chest, flashlights, etc.  See the sample camping list later in this guide.

  6. Email: Make sure you are receiving emails from the Nation Chief. If you are a new member, and do not get emails from ipchief@gmail.com, then please send a note to that address asking to be added to the Nation Roster.  You should also get emails from your tribe chief.

  7. Website: Our website is http://www.chincoteaguenationip.org ; This is a good first place to look for information on upcoming events, calendar, etc.