Chief/Princess History

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Nation Chiefs
Dale Hast 1992
Keith Schuette 1993-1994
Bob Shope  1995-1997
John Ohanian 1997-2000
Duke Owen 2000-2002
Steve Choquette 2002-2003
Chris Jordan 2003-2005
Stephen Bradford 2005-2008
Brian Wigutow 2008-2011
Toby Zellers 2011-2013
Marc Sorini 2013- 2015
Geoff Koretsky 2015- 2017
Jaap Tekelenburg 2017- ?

Iroquois Tribe
Gary Rubino
Duke Owen
Gary Rubino
Greg Brake
Tom Wolfe
Jeff Potter
Gary Rubino
Jaap Tekelenburg 

Matapeake Tribe
Toby Zellers
Greg Flynn
Steve Emerick
Louie Baxter
Jeff Rendelman  

Montauk Tribe
Bob Marchese
Chris Jordan
Ken Rosenbaum
Nanda Alapati
Brian Wigutow
Scott Horst
Steve Johnson             

John Ohanian
Ed RaSavage
Bob Freeman
Stephen Bradford
Bob Freeman
George Spangler
Dan Wolff 
Fernando Palacios
Bruce Knolmayer 

John Staciewitz
David Marshall
Steve Choquette
Bill Ward
Paul Zoccola
Doug Wasson 

Jim Grey
Nick Biase 
Bill Roberts
Jim Hitchcock
Marc Sorini
Richard Downing
Chuck Gagnon
Geoff Koretsky 

Legend Keepers
David Marshall
Chris Tschita
Nanda Alapati
Toby Zellers

Wampum Bearer
Gary Rubino
Peter Jackson

Indian Guides Chief
Fernando Palacios

Watts Branch
Jim O'Hearn
Paul Lunceford


2011-2012 Princess Honor Roll
Active Princesses in High School

Deirdre M. joined 1995 Crashing Lightning
Amy R. joined 1993 Flipping Whale
Julie R. joined 1995 Precious Puppy

Carly B. joined 2000 Rainbow Flower
Lindsey K. joined 2000 Blooming Lilly Pad
Jamie K. joined 2002 Sparkling Waterfall
Olivia P. joined 2006
Missy C. joined 2008 Red Dolphin
Nicole N. joined 2002

Alison Z. joined 2000 Golden Eagle
Erica B. joined 2002 Little Butterfly
Hannah R. joined 2002 Brave Heart
Amelia S. joined 2006
Emma F. joined 2007

Molly C. joined 2000 Skating Pig
Lia D. joined 2004 Munching Pony
Susan R. joined 1998 Rainbow Princess
Maya S. joined 2001 Dramatic Squirrel
Rylinn S. joined 2001 Hurling Rainbows

Alley W. joined 2002 Diamond Fly
Samantha D.  joined 2008 Running Squaw

Princesses Regent
Past Members who graduated HS while still active in the program
Katherine F., Powhatan
Nicki S. Tribe?
Kristin R., joined 1992, Purple Penguin, Iroquois
Erica R., joined 1995, Diving Dophin, Iroquois
Sophia A., joined ?, Montauk