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Iriquois History

This page will have some information about the history of the Iroquois tribe.

Tribal Prayer


And now
(finger pointing to the ground)

 And Now

May the Great Spirit
(fingers circling, up, imitating smoke)

 May The Great Spirit

Of all good spirit
(arms outstretched)


To foster understanding and companionship between father and daughter.Teepee with Little Indian


The Aims
1. To be clean in body and pure in heart.
2. To be "Friends Always" with my father/daughter.
3. To love the sacred circle of my family.
4. To be attentive while others speak.
5. To love my neighbor as myself.

Quickstart Guide

So you’ve just signed up for the YMCA Father-Child (formerly Indian Guides/ Indian Princesses) and you want to know exactly what you need to get started.


  1. Choose a Tribe - If you know someone already in the program and think that tribe is a good match for you and your child, then you may request that tribe.  You will need to find out the name of the tribe from your friend.

Use of the Native American Theme

Because Y-Father-Child Programs have drawn heavily on the culture and customs of Native American tribes, YMCA lay and staff program leaders must try to represent the Native Americans’ contributions to our nation’s life and history accurately and positively.  The following guiding principles are presented for consideration and implementation by local YMCA boards and father-child program leaders.

Tribe Meetings

Tribe Meetings
Tribes normally have a monthly meeting that rotates each month to a different tribe member’s home. While most tribe meetings are unique, certain rituals are common among all Y-Princess tribe meetings. The Tribe Chief is responsible for the flow of the meeting.
Wampum BagWampum (or Tribal dues) are collected at each meeting.

Web Site Instructions

How to Login

Go to http://www.chincoteaguenationip.org/drupal/user

  • Type in your Username and Password
  • Click the Save button

If you forgot your Password click the Request new password.
If you forgot your Username use the Contact Us form and select Website feedback to request your username be sent to you.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining the Y-Princess Program please complete and mail-in the registration form.  You will then be contacted by the YMCA with further instructions.  If you need assistance filling out the form please use our Contact Us form and direct any questions you may have to the Nation Chief. 

Example Indian Names

Every member must choose a Native American name.  The selection of a name for parent and child should be done with the same respect and ceremony that is practiced by the American Indian.  The name should reflect honor, and the bearer should carry it with honor.

The American Indians grant names to their children in the following ways, which your tribe can consider in selecting names that have meaning for each specific person.

  • The elders’ vision of what the child may turn out to be.

  • Some

Chief/Princess History

If you have any information that could be added to this page, use the "Contact Us" form (top right of every page).

Nation Chiefs
Dale Hast 1992
Keith Schuette 1993-1994
Bob Shope  1995-1997
John Ohanian 1997-2000
Duke Owen 2000-2002
Steve Choquette 2002-2003
Chris Jordan 2003-2005
Stephen Bradford 2005-2008
Brian Wigutow 2008-2011
Toby Zellers 2011-2013
Marc Sorini 2013- 2015
Geoff Koretsky 2015- 2017
Jaap Tekelenburg 2017- ?

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